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2. Safety Dummy

Paris/Eindhoven, 2019 

        Following recent waves of numerous terrorist attacks in “Western World” cities, we can witness a drastic multiplication of defensive elements in the streets in order to guarantee our safety. These are commonly defined as ‘Securityscapes’. They depict the militarization of urban spaces and radicalization of human behaviors within them. 
Impressive and most of the time permanent, their visual presence in the urban landscape can’t be missed. Thus they act as placebos to keep people’s consent for frictionless spaces. The human need for protection is primal. But by considering any citizen as a ‘possible terrorist’, governments are putting us in an overall tension mode, fearing the otherness. Therefore, human contacts become apprehensive in the civic environment. 
In a context of Securityscape, how can we revalue vullnerability and openness within the public area? 

SAFETY DUMMY mimics defensive installations, turning them into subversive ‘toys’. 
Calling-out the audience thanks ot dialog pieces placed on the streets, they unlock pressure points surrounding the Securityscape. 

photo credits: © Ronald Smits & Louise Gholam

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