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  1. Export Radioeditorial
  2. Safety Dummyinstallation/mapping
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  4. Discovery Channelmoving image/data

  5. Nez-à-Nez, Parfumeurs Contemporainsinstallation
  6. Pride&Stigmagraphic design/installation
  7. Betting on Farmers
    pt. (I)documentary
    pt. (II)data/material
    pt. (III)data/speculative design
  8. Studio of Benevolencecuration/event

  9. DDGaycuration/event

  10. Terminalcuration/event

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6. Pride&Stigma, a story of Legacy

Province of Drenthe, 2018

What can we learn from the Colonies of Benevolence’s legacy? 
    When moving to the Colonies, ‘vragrant families’ were given a house to live in and were provided with minimum furnishings for a decent and self-sustained life. Often used and reused, yet they had to be protected to persist through time. 
Like a legacy, this heritage transmitted by artefacts echoes the current situation of Veenhuizen and Frederiksoord. With the possible UNESCO’s World Heritage status, historical Information selected to be shared with the public will be part of an important reflection process.
    Through the testimony of the Dubbelman family (descendants of the Colonies), I designed a tablecloth that refers to the weavers professional background of this family. This object puts the double-sided identity (at the crossroads between utopia and failure) of Johannes Van den Bosch’s project ‘on the table’. It triggers open dialogues about legacy and promotes a desacralization of the topic. 

Project realized in collaboration with the Province of Drenthe and the city of Veenhuizen.

Pride and Stigma, a story of Legacy,
Interview of Paul Kroner (Dubbelman),
2.05 min (2018)


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