Louise Gholam


  1. Export Radioeditorial
  2. Safety Dummyinstallation/mapping
  3. Live Editingvideo
  4. Discovery Channelmoving image/data

  5. Nez-à-Nez, Parfumeurs Contemporainsinstallation
  6. Pride&Stigmagraphic design/installation
  7. Betting on Farmers
    pt. (I)documentary
    pt. (II)data/material
    pt. (III)data/speculative design
  8. Studio of Benevolencecuration/event

  9. DDGaycuration/event

  10. Terminalcuration/event

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Fench-Lebanese AC/junior DoP and art director, I grew up between the tranquility of the French countryside and the tumultuous city of Beirut. Now based between London & Paris, I am developing my practice with video as my preferred medium, following a master in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art of London. Using a journalistic methodology around the ideas of collective memory and 'filmic politics', I explore subjects of ‘neo-diasporic’ identity.

In recent years I have collaborated with art galleries & museums (Onomatopée (NL) / MUDAC (Lausanne) / La Gaîté Lyrique (Paris)), magazines & studios (ISHKAR (London) / Studio Safar (Beirut)) and pop-up exhibitions (Dutch Design Week). 

I joined curator and writer Roisin Tapponi alongside 5 other women; Nour Helou, Reman Sadani, Bella Barkett, Isra Al Kassi, Shahnaz Dulaimy, to be part of Habibi Collective as art director and developer of archival workshops/talks series for the platform. Founded in 2018, Habibi Collective is an open-access resource, digital archive and curatorial platform for women’s filmmaking from South-West Asia and North Africa.
I recently joined the team of Al Hayya, a magazine that publishes literary and visual content on the works, interests and strife of women, bilingually in Arabic and English. 
I am part of Divé+ and FALC (Femmes à la caméra), 2 platforms encouraging diversity in French cinéma.

For collaborations, commissions or publications, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at  louise.gholam@network.rca.ac.uk.

Full CV on request via email.

  1. 2012-2015 Applied Arts High School
    École Boulle, Paris, FR

  2. 2015-2019 BA Man&Leisure (socio-political design) 
    Design Academy Eindhoven, NL

  3. SEP 2017 - FEB 2018 Minor Program: Radical Ecologies
    Design Academy Eindhoven, NL
    Tutorship by Studio Thought Collider (London)

  4. NOV 2017 - DEC 2017 Design Research Space Program
    Tutorship by STBY STUDIO (London)

  5. 2019-2021 MA Visual Communication 
    Experimental Communication Pathway
    Royal College of Art of London, UK