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  1. Export Radioeditorial
  2. Safety Dummyinstallation/mapping
  3. Live Editingvideo
  4. Discovery Channelmoving image/data

  5. Nez-à-Nez, Parfumeurs Contemporainsinstallation
  6. Pride&Stigmagraphic design/installation
  7. Betting on Farmers
    pt. (I)documentary
    pt. (II)data/material
    pt. (III)data/speculative design
  8. Studio of Benevolencecuration/event

  9. DDGaycuration/event

  10. Terminalcuration/event

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1. Export Radio

London, 2019-ongoing
Varley Memorial Award winner 2020

Export Radio is Internet-based station led by Experimental Communication students at the Royal College of Arts. We curate weekly showcases of music, conversation and interview, collected from both RCA students and further afield. Intertwined within the Art/sound scene of today, Export aims to observe experimentation through an International lens. Export Radio represents an opportunity to re-invigorate the public through worldwide collaboration and discussion, building bridges in a post-Brexit, mid-Covid19 environment.

The Radio Station is currently situated at Ridley Road Social Club in Dalston.
We are documenting this platform’s journey on RCA’s here:

Link to website here: http://exportradio.club/


Our promise To deliver quality auditory transmissions from RCA students and beyond on a weekly basis, direct from the source. At ExPort we aim to embody the determination only found by observing the traits and personality of a multi-ended USB cable.

Our aesthetics  We understand that the market today is filled with millions of online stations, podcasts and broadcasts. Utilising the essenceof image based compression, ExPort aims to redefine what it means to interject this overpopulated market with a youthful and ‘self-aware’ style. ExPort hints at irony, internet culture and ultimately, we want to encapsulate a future where internet-based radio can inspire, educate, experiment and retain what collaboration and cooperation means today. 

ExPort 2020TM

Ridley Road Social Club residency / 2020-2021

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