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  1. Export Radioeditorial
  2. Safety Dummyinstallation/mapping
  3. Live Editingvideo
  4. Discovery Channelmoving image/data

  5. Nez-à-Nez, Parfumeurs Contemporainsinstallation
  6. Pride&Stigmagraphic design/installation
  7. Betting on Farmers
    pt. (I)documentary
    pt. (II)data/material
    pt. (III)data/speculative design
  8. Studio of Benevolencecuration/event

  9. DDGaycuration/event

  10. Terminalcuration/event

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9. DDGay
Eindhoven, 2017

Dutch Design Week Glaspaviljoen Exhibition

DDGay co-founder Brendan de Vos

Co-curation for the first edition of DDGay at the Dutch Design Week.

    Eindhoven residents Brendan de Vos and Bas Berends organize DDGay during the Dutch Design Week to offer that stage to artists who are not so “static and obedient”. They thought it was time for homosexuality in its full spectrum to get a place at the DDW and want “to make things like dildos, butt fucking, gender fuck, drag queens, and ‘generally not belonging’ visible and accessible”. 
In the first edition of DDGay Pavillion, this was done by lowering the threshold with events such as a queer bingo, drag queens readings aloud, a ‘tupperware party’, film screenings and an exhibition about LGBTQIA. 
DayDayGay has now grown into an independant all-year-long organisation based in Eindhoven (NL). 
Find out more here: http://daydaygay.nl

photo credits: © Michelle Elbers & Louise Gholam 

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