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7. Betting on farmers pt.I

Eindhoven/Bangalore, 2017-2018 

What will the dairy farmer of tomorrow look like?
When it comes to our professional world, the evolution seems restless and in a time where philosophers, scientists and other brilliant minds chant our entry into the ‘POST-LABOR era’, we wonder what this means for the Farmer. Farming is as old as the Stone Age and the backbone of our societies. This practice has already seen a lot of changes so what could happen next?  
      By encountering diverse stakeholders of the dairy industry, we asked them to focus on the human factor in the system: the farmer. 
This documentary is an investigation into the current transformations of Dairy Farming and how the profession might evolve in the coming years. We investigated in the Netherlands and in India, both key learders of milk production in Europe and Asia, to get a broader picture.  Betting on Farmers presents a 6 months research and numeroys encounters with farmers, professors, innovators and designers while confronting their opinion and ideas. 

Documentary realised with Yarden Colsey and Julie Abraham.

Storyboard extracts from Betting on Farmers

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