After 6 months of research in the program Radical Ecologies we wanted to reconnect with all stakeholders that made the realisation of our documentary possible and organize a discussion about « the Future Role of the Dairy Farmer ». We brought together professionals involved in different sectors of the dairy field and shared a drink in our pop-up MILK BAR. People got the chance to get along with farmers, innovators, students and consumers and exchange about a speculative future of Dairy Farmers. We also presented our documentary «Betting on farmers». Live illustrator Janne Schimmel was translating the debate into drawings . From all these inputs we designed 3 plausible or speculative farmer’s profiles within the next 50 years. Betting on farmers. III Eindhoven and Bengalore, 2017-18
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MILK-BAR (pop-up event in collaboration with the Genepper farm, Eindhoven, 2018). 
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