Betting on farmers. II Eindhoven and Bengalore, 2017-18 Excess is nowadays dissociable from the milk industry. From the aftermath of surproduction during World War II to the hyper competitiveness of today’s global market, milk is at the center of an unreasonable way of consuming and producing. This leads to approximately 840 millions tons of excess fresh milk each year. With this set of cultural probes made only with milk powder (heatpressed into molds) we wanted to address this topic to both the producers of this excess (hereby a picture of an administrator of De Vreugdenhil powdering plant in Holland) but also to the consumers. 
The appealing look was meant to trick the public: on the surface, a beautiful and sustainable object that reuses waste and excess material. But if you scratch deeper and reflect on the amount of energy needed to produce these objects, its absurdity appears. It also was a way to explore the material’s properties and its chemical reactions.
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Creation of a cultural probe to dialog about excess milk production. 
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