Benefits of Labor. Drenthe, 2018 project realized in collaboration with the Province of Drenthe and the city of Veenhuizeen In the Colonies of Benevolence labour was respected for its numerous ways it benefitted the vagrants. Its physicality for instance helped the individuals to develop an ethical sense and build their identity. Nowadays, economists and futurologists are claiming that we’re entering a Post-Labour Era in which robots will take over all strenuous jobs, called «Bullshit Jobs», and leave us with emotionally demanding professions. This new Industrial Revolution sends future workers on the pursuit of what makes us human in comparison with machines. Merging the traditional idea that repetitive, laborious work can be precious in the creation of our «being», and our need to develop human skills; this project is a research on tools that could be used to enhance empathy/sensitivity in the work field. This «blueprint» invites us to join in with our own ideas and opinions. What skills will be required by the future workforces?
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What skills will be required by the future workforces? read more about the project below ↓ material research, preconception sketches. risographic posters. links and publications here:
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