home contact about miscellaneous French-Lebanese designer based in the Netherlands, I'm currently finishing the bachelor program at the Design Academy of Eindhoven (Man&Leisure department). I grew up between the quietude of the French countryside and the always boisterous Beirut. 
My projects are based on exploration. Not telling one truth but instead constructing dialogs and exposing theories. My practice mainly navigates between Art Direction and Visual Communication. I am ~a 'cinéphile' and usually think through visuals. 
~an automaton aficionado and an archives bookworm. ~always carry a camera and notebook with me which makes my bag 
usually heavy but my memory long-lasting.
EDUCATION 2012-2015 Applied Arts High School Ecole BOULLE, Paris, FRANCE International baccalaureate for Art and Design Ecole BOULLE, Paris, FRANCE date obtained: 07-2015 2015-2019 Bachelor (currently 4th year student) Design Academy Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS SEPTEMBER 2017 to FEBRUARY 2018 Minor program Radical Ecologies Design Academy Eindhoven, THE NETHERLANDS tutorship by Studio Thought Collider (London). NOVEMBER TO DECEMBER 2017 Design Research Space Program tutorship by STBY STUDIO (London). internships 2018 Studio Safar 2018-19 Studio Glithero 2018-ongoing filmmaker for ISHKAR
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